Save Our Youth INC


The mission of Save Our Youth, INC. is to improve the emotionl and physical health of children, by providing social, academic and cultural learning opportunities, in a safe, nurturing, afterschool environment. The organization was organized to improve the emotional and physical health of children by providing social, academic, nutritional and cultural learning opportunities in safe nuturing environment.

Save Our Youth, Inc. will be providing after school tutoring to children in the local area. This will provide a safe place for children to spend their time under adult supervision until their parents have returned home from work. The organization will operate Monday through Friday (except holidays) from when schools let out until the early afternoon. The tutoring will take place for children on the rented facility property where they will receive help with their homework and literary development skills. The tutoring will be done on a individual basis where the staff will have an initial consultation with student and review their scholastic reports to identify the areas due dates. All tutoring and supervision is provided by individuals with experience in education in education or working with children. During the summer reading to prepare them for the upcoming school year.

After the child has completed their homework, there will be some time for recreational activities. All of the activities will be monitored by staff assisting with the tutoring and will be on the facility property. These activities will include board games, video games, puzzles, music and art activities and sporting events such as dodge ball, basketball, football, etc. each child will be able to select what activity they would like to participate in as long as it is age appropriate. All sporting events will be divided up with children similar in age. Before the end of the day, our volunteers will prepare a meal for the children. Most of the kids are coming from struggling families or have parents who work at night, so they are not receiving the proper nutrition need. We will provide a nutritional dinner at no cost to the participants so that no child has to go to bed hungry.

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